Best of Strip Fight Book cover
 ROUND 13: There are two things in life i really enjoy
 ROUND 14: I know that i shouldn't have
 ROUND 15: I know that i shouldn't have (silent)
 ROUND 16: Voting
 ROUND 19: Seven days
 ROUND 20: Where are you?
 ROUND 21:
Picture/Punctuation Only
 ROUND 22:
Rest and Relaxation
 ROUND 23: It was creeping me out
 ROUND 24: The seasons
 ROUND 25: Inside the mind
 ROUND 27:
Plan for creating a phenomenal family
 ROUND 29: Obsession
 ROUND 30: Japan
 ROUND 31: Zombies
 ROUND 33: Man Vs. Nature
 ROUND 35: I hate...
 ROUND 36: Sex, drugs and rock & roll
 ROUND 37: Strip Fight switch-up #2 (script: Mike Stevens)
 ROUND 39: Mer-thing
 ROUND 40: Viruses
 ROUND 42: The moustache stays!
 ROUND 43: No right to live
 ROUND 45: Love
 ROUND 46: Spam comics (want your pills? We have them)
ROUND 48: Over reacting
ROUND 49: St Patrick
ROUND 50: Anniversary
ROUND 51: Monkey, pirate, robot, ninja
ROUND 52: Starting over
ROUND 53: Misunderstandings
ROUND 54: Family
ROUND 54: Family
ROUND 58: Sacrifice
ROUND 59: Super heroes
ROUND 60: Fame
ROUND 61: Ruin
ROUND 63: Soft Rock
ROUND 64: Catapult
ROUND 65: Tribute to Mike Stevens
ROUND 66: Halloween

ROUND 68: Delayed
ROUND 69: Glass of water (must appear in 1st panel)
ROUND 70: Cows
ROUND 70: Cows
ROUND 71: Apocalypse
ROUND 72: Tea Leaves
ROUND 74: Babies
ROUND 75: Love boat
ROUND 75: Love boat
ROUND 76: Mice
ROUND 77: "You're a genius!"
ROUND 78: Social Commentary (w/o using any text)
ROUND 79: Condense a Great Work of Literature (3 Panels)
ROUND 80: Procrastination
ROUND 81: Pro Wrestling
ROUND 82: Descent into Madness
ROUND 83: Happiness Pills
ROUND 85: Combine Recycling and Dealing with the Devil (script: Andrzej Szelc)
ROUND 88: Rebirth
ROUND 99: Red Balloon (script: David Gravatt)
ROUND 99: Red Balloon
ROUND 100: A contest of champions
ROUND 100: A contest of champions (script: David Gravatt)

BD autobiographique.


Travaux divers
Affiches et pochettes de CD pour mes amis Allons-y tant qu'c'est chaud! et les Aristoskas, CV, cartes de visite, pochette de CD pour des amis comédiens, Kakemonos pour un club de Bozendo, diverses illustrations...

Fan art
Fan art  Jonny Crossbones pour Les McClaine
Fan art  Pillow talk pour Jamie Dee Galey


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